April 3, 2014

There Are Also Famous Gay Persons in History

Gay people exist, even in the old days when they do not let themselves exposed as being such. It is only in these days of the modern world where gays are accepted, and most of them are coming out, exposing themselves as gay people. In the old days, they just keep this to themselves, or they are “living in a closet”, with fears of being taunted as gays or homosexuals. This is particularly happening when gay people are with high positions in government, in the academe, or occupying high positions in the business world. Most of the gay people in the olden times fear that they will lose the respect of people when they know that they are this kind. However, in these days, people are already accepting the reality that gay people are in existence, and may even exist in their family.

There are many famous gay men and women in history, and many of them are even very popular musicians, scientists, actors, actresses, or even occupying very high positions in governments of rich nations. There many of them as rich and influential businessmen, or occupying very important positions in the business world. Not all of these persons who are gay are “coming out”, as the saying goes though, especially those who are in the very high positions. Because of the acceptance by society given them, some are getting married, since there are also countries that allow same sex marriages. This may not be among all the countries worldwide, but many gays are flocking into countries that allow this kind of marriage.

The Acceptance of Gay People in History

The term “gay” these days can be the homosexuals or people who have the same preferences for other people of the same sex. These are the lesbians for the women homosexuals and gay for the male homosexuals. There can be no explanation for their sexual orientation and preferences, although this can also be something in their genes. There are no scientific evidences that show outside influence or how parenting is done to get them into this kind of sexual preference. In the old days, homosexuals and gays are not accepted by society and history will tell us this. The homosexuals of many decades past were living in their “closets” because they were not accepted and usually frowned upon by people. Others say that it is against Christian values because it is stated in the bible.

These days however, homosexuals and gays are already accepted in many countries. It is just only in the past few decades that they are accepted, and history will also tell us this thing. Many of them are getting out of their “closets”, as the saying goes, because they are already accepted by society. Although there are still countries that do not do this, but many in this modern world have already this acceptance. Many of them are already in high positions in the large companies and also in government of these nations.

There are also some countries that legally allow same sex marriages of these people. This may be taboo to the Christian religion but there are many of these Christian nations that allow marriage for people of the same sex.

March 19, 2014

Gay People and History

Gay people are the homosexuals or people attracted only to those of the same sex. Their romantic and sexual attractions are only to those with the same sex as they have and not with the opposite sex. This is their sexual orientation, and no medical or psychological methods can be done to change this. For the gay men, their behaviors and romantic attractions are only leaned towards men only and for women or lesbians, only towards the ladies also. Their community can only be towards people of the same sexual orientation, and also the ladies. For gay women or lesbians, it is also being in a group of women that they feel community, and it is seldom observed that they go for the men groups, although they feel masculine also. This is obvious though, because they can be in danger also if they go always with the group of men.

It can be observed also that gay people have little or no choice at all with regards to the sexual orientation they will get. It can be said that this can be genetics because most of them say that they are already born this way. There is little or no outside influence at all with regards to this orientation and there is also not any scientific evidence that there really is this influence, so we just have to accept them as they are.

There are many gay people in history, and in fact many who came out to the world and declared that they are gay. There may be many also that did not come open about their sexuality, but they are accepted by society.

March 13, 2014

Gay People and History


The third gender or sex is now more openly accepted in several countries all over the world. This is quite apparent especially when you see laws and practice are slowly getting implemented such as same sex marriage. Gay people and the likes are now more confident and proud to express and show their sexuality out in the open compared before. Back then it was quite dangerous and unsettling to tell others about one’s sexual orientation because of the abuse and criticism the one may take. However, people today are now more accepting and are happy to have these jolly individuals brighten up their day.


Gay people have been in the industry for years operating behind the curtains concealing their real identity to the public. With people becoming a bit more acceptable, it’s not surprising that more and more media personalities are now openly admitting that they are in fact gay. Media outlets often highlight and show celebrities that have already expressed their sexual orientation. These individuals are often praised for their bravery and honesty. This has helped other gay people to accept their sexual preferences instead of hiding it while at the same time become more proud of it.


Media personalities such as actors, journalist, songwriters and even athletes are slowly coming out in the open admitting that they are gay. The public on the other hand has shown to have little to no effect about it since the most important part of a person is their personality and not their sexual orientation.

March 7, 2014

How Gay People and History Fuse

There can be several links between gay people and history – whether it is in terms of finding a record of gay people making history or the history filled with stories on how gay people came to be in a state that they are in now, more accepted by society. It should be even safe to say that throughout history one is likely to note that gay people are never limited by their sexuality in order to achieve many things. History is never without them.

Many popular names are often listed under being part of the gay people including the likes of Socrates, Lord Byron and Edward II. Although they have been regarded as gay or bisexual, their contributions to history are bigger than what prejudices there could be upon the mention of their sexuality. The earliest recorded gay people in a relationship may have dated back to 2400 BCE in ancient Egypt. To this day, not everyone is open and kind to the community of gay people but history has a way of making things better today than long ago. Maybe not as accepted in some traditional culture, there are now more communities growing to be tolerant and accepting. Perhaps it is because of the fact that gay people have been partly responsible in shaping a more positive world which we now live in that gives the better reception for them as well.

After all, history written may never really be complete without gay people in them, countless already it seems. Thus, this is the story of the fusion of gay people and history.

November 15, 2012

Gay People and Their History

In these times, it can no longer be denied that gay people are already growing in numbers.  As this happens, societies in the different parts of the globe have no choice but to accept the fact that they exist and that they should be respected and treated equally.  Those societies that still tend to discriminate them are those that have not really matured or developed through time.  It is true that society has not been very kind to gay people.  If one just looks back at the history of the gay people’s movement, he would certainly cringe at the information about how they have been treated badly because of their sexual preferences.  This definitely should not be the case because they have not done anything wrong to other people.  Then again, their history would prove that they have actually been persecuted before, especially in the olden times when religious bigotry was at its height.

Gay people have contributed to the advance of culture.  This is an undeniable fact.  By this alone, they definitely have to be credited for it and not chastised.  Their history would show that theirs was not just a movement of asserting their rights as individuals but was also a movement for cultural development.  Such contribution to society has oftentimes been ignored though by many bigots in power primarily because they simply do not want to accept these people as part of society.  However, gay history is continuing.  This means that gay people are part of society’s evolution.


July 26, 2012

Gay People and History

Gay people, i don\'t mind straight people

Gay people, i don\’t mind straight people—michael pollak (Flickr.com)

The issue of gay rights has always been controversial. This is especially true nowadays when the gay and lesbian communities in the country are already asking for the right to get married to be legalized by the states. For those, however, who believe that this right is only for heterosexual relationships, granting this to the gays is simply unacceptable. The truth though is that there are more and more people who are respecting this right and, although they are not gays at all, they have supported the legislation of such rights. It is actually just a matter of understanding the particularities of gay people and learning about their history at the same time.

If there is one major obstacle towards recognizing the rights of gay people to marry, it is that there are people who still do not understand their basic characteristics. Apparently, it is not just because they fail to understand but because they simply intend not to. The major culprit behind this tendency is conservatism. Once can be conservative because of his religious convictions. In fact, those who do not really recognize that gay people are just normal do not have any firm or scientific basis. They merely insist on certain ambivalent religious teachings.

For individuals who wish to understand gay people, it is best that they actually make friends with them. It is clear that unless they do get to know someone who is gay, they would never be able to sympathize with such individuals. Of course, it is very important that they be able to get over their homophobic tendencies. Homophobia definitely has no valid or logical basis. It is a product of wrong impressions created by a society that has a history of bias against the gay and lesbian community. Of course, as soon as people get to realize that there is no problem with gays, they would also get to be more objective in their opinions about them. Sometimes it feels like reading all this material on our history makes tears flow from my eyes – but its really just me sitting in front of a bright monitor researching this which is making my eyes itch.

It would indeed be better if people would also get to know the history of the gay community. Apparently, it would be through a thorough review of their history that people would be able to understand the sentiments and the struggles of gay people. There is no doubt that such history is one that would even make people realize that gays are not only normal but are also productive members of society just like the rest of the population.

There would certainly come a time when people would no longer be biased against gay people. They would be able to get over the usual prejudices and would treat the gay people in a more acceptable manner. Again, this may not happen all at once. There would have to be a process first; one that may actually be gradual. The important thing is that soon changes would occur, making society more fair and sensitive to the plight of gay people. The motion towards this is positive. History has shown that improvements have actually been introduced for the good of gay people.

July 19, 2012

Gay People: Do They Really Have Rights?

gay marriage

There are people who tend to call gay people names that are not nice at all. There are those who are against the issue of same sex marriages and even go all the way to evading these people in public places. There are those who say that they are not creatures of the Almighty while some would say that girls liking other girls are hot but guy gays are not to be tolerated.

Gays are actually the same as anyone. They work hard; they feel the same sensations we do. The only thing is that they have a different sexual preference. It doesn’t also mean that being gay means they don’t work hard and well. There are also straight people who are much less of a worker.

Gay people are often ridiculed for their relationships. The thing is heterosexuals who have partners may not also be as good a lover to his partner. This makes them even more hypocrites in the way they handle and perceive relationships. It’s high time that people should embrace and the gay community. They should realize that gay people deserve their own rights and they need to have the dignity that should be inherent to anyone.

There have been a lot of crimes committed against gay people. An example of this would be the October 2012 incident when three men were mobbed and killed in a Bronx basement. These three men were believed to be gay. The same incident happens across all the other cities in the US. It has also been said that there is also a significant increase in the hate crimes against gay people for around 3 years now. It may also be that there are thousands of the same cases that have not been reported. That is why self-defense appears to be a major issue among gay people.

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If one is gay and he is not open about it to people, it can be very stressful and this triggers an inner turmoil. There are gay people who had committed suicide for the reason that they couldn’t reveal their true identity.

Right now among the familiar issues with gay people is that those who have undergone the civil union or the same sex marriage cannot even be covered by one another’s insurance policy. There also still a lot of states that do not allow gay marriage. In fact only six states allow this union. The State of California is a safe haven for gay people. The country is among the first that made gay marriage legal. There are a lot of gay people who live in this area and it is very democratic to the gay community too. Recent healthcare issues related to workplace fatigue and overwork like sharp pain in the hand has made health benefits very important. The idea that a same-sex couple can not get health care is outrageous and one of the key issues surrounding the inequality in our community.

Recently though the Proposition 8 had been passed which bans gay unions in the state. The main reason for this is that there are a lot of gay men within the armed forces. There is an issue called Don’t Tell wherein any gay member in the armed forces who is found out can be discharged from his duties.

Watch Obama’s video on his views about gay marriage here:

May 10, 2012

Obama Is In Favor of Same-Sex Marriage


OBAMA—fortuneless cookie (Flickr.com)

The best breaking news of the day is President Obama declaring that he fully supports and backs marriage equality.

While many see the move as perfectly-timed for a presidential campaign, Obama has already expressed the need to protect the rights of lesbian and gay couples earlier in his presidency, and has admitted to have an “evolving” stand on same-sex marriage. Making this announcement, whether the timing is right or not, is needed especially during these times when religious bigotry seems to be more of a threat than ever to those who simply want to be free to love.

It was only this Sunday when Vice President Joe Biden announced his full support of LGBT marriage during NBC’s Meet the Press, saying he is “absolutely comfortable” with same-sex marriage. Education Secretary Arne Duncan echoed his sentiments.

Both media and political analysts are expected to have a field day with these announcements, with speculations about whether Obama’s openly supporting gay marriage will affect his presidential bid in more conservative states.

The LGBT community welcomes this form of evolution with open arms and hearts, that’s for sure.

What is even more touching about Obama’s statement is his mention of how he went from merely being open to the idea of supporting marriage equality, to realizing that his own daughters have friends with same-sex parents. Equality can never be explained to children if people are not free to love and marry other people they love.

In an interview with ABC News, President Obama said:

“I’ve just concluded, for me, personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.”

Sometimes, a change in perspective is all that is needed to understand LGBT issues. Marriage may be superficial for many, but it all boils down to redefining the family. A family need not be simply a mother, father, and kids. It could be two moms and kids, two dads and kids, as long as the parents provide the same kind of love, caring, understanding, and support that heterosexual parents are expected to provide. And if the members of the LGBT community are brimming with those kinds of traits, plus a real desire to form a family, who are we to deny them of that right to love and become loving parents? Researching this material made me very tired – thus bags under my eyes.

Obama added in the same interview, after discussing the topic with his daughters:

“It wouldn’t dawn on them that somehow their friends’ parents would be treated differently. It doesn’t make sense to them and frankly, that’s the kind of thing that prompts a change in perspective.”


May 8, 2012

Five Gay Empowering Movies You Should Watch

Every gay person needs to watch a couple of empowering movies that can provide emotional support to them during times when people are extra judgmental and prejudiced. Or…in some cases, when they just want to be entertained. There are many movies with gay themes that have come out in the past decades, but it seems only a handful have the power to put LGBT people in a positive light. We’ve hand picked five of them that you must watch in this lifetime, to learn some powerful lessons, be touched with words, and have a feel-good moment just seeing the story unfold.

Based on real life events that rocked the entire LGBT community the world over, The Laramie Project is a 2002 dramatic film about what happens after a gay man named Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered in Laramie, Wyoming in 1998. There is a range of real emotions portrayed in this movie, from anger to fear to shame to love, and just about everything in-between. TV Guide’s Matt Roush describes the way homophobia is portrayed in the movie as “enlightening”.

Ang Lee directed this 2007 dramatic film about the romantic and sexual relationship of two “cowboys”. Brokeback Mountain won a slew of international awards, and is the 10th highest-grossing romantic film of all time.

A comedy about gay parents having to fit into heterosexual societal expectations, The Birdcage is an American remake of an earlier 1978 French-Italian original. Despite the social gaffes and the outrageous lengths to which the main characters try to hide their sexual orientation from their future ultraconservative Republican in-laws, perhaps the most touching take on homosexuality in this film is how the gay partners are seen as parental figures of one hopelessly heterosexual girl, and how they redefine “family” in their own fabulous but loving ways.

Gus Van Sant’s 1991 “indie” film deals with the journal of personal discovery of two young men who are friends. Only one of the main characters is openly gay, but the confession of love for the other young man is very poignantly portrayed. Newsweek’s David Ansen notes:

“The campfire scene in which Mike awkwardly declares his unrequited love for Scott is a marvel of delicacy. In this, and every scene, Phoenix immerses himself so deeply inside his character you almost forget you’ve seen him before: it’s a stunningly sensitive performance, poignant and comic at once.”

Tom Hanks excels in his acting in this 1993 film about a gay lawyer stricken with AIDS. Philadelphia is widely acknowledged to be one of the first Hollywood films to deal with such a delicate issue. The movie handles the issue of homophobia, HIV/AIDS, gay relationships, discrimination, and love with such grace, raw emotion, and intelligence that it earned much critical raves.


May 2, 2012

Transgenders and Miss U

The article Miss Universe Pageant Allows Transgender Women to Compete discusses the controversial victory of transgendered women finally being able to compete in the famous pageant. It follows the many arguments about how Miss Universe Canada candidate Jenna Talackova, who is transgendered, was initially disqualified from joining the local pageant for not being a “natural-born female.”

Talackova’s attorney, Gloria Allred, denounced what she called discrimination against her client. In a statement, she said:

“She is female on her driver’s license, on her passport, on her birth certificate, and she’s recognized in Canada as a woman. She has always thought of herself as a woman.”

Image courtesy of http://www.eonline.com/news/Miss_Universe_Pageant_Allows_Transgender_Women_to_Compete/307600

Now, after an official statement from the Miss Universe Organization declared that it is on the verge of finalizing an official policy change which will allow transgendered women to participate in beauty pageants, the issue has all but rested. While this has helped transgendered people achieve a semblance of equal rights, more arguments have sprung up about the subject, with even LGBT people questioning the decision.

Central to the arguments were the definition of a “woman”, citing biological and sociological factors. The presence of a womb, the ability to conceive and bear a child, and other functions supposedly inherent among “natural-born women” were brought up, but were parried by philosophical what-ifs like, if a woman is barren, will she be disqualified from joining a beauty pageant because she does not meet the requirements? Why is there an age limit to Miss Universe candidacy—does a woman stop being a woman after age 27? Does a woman stop being a woman when she gets married?

An even deeper response to the issue questioned the legitimacy of beauty pageants in defining women…or objectifying them. Many call them “meat parades” run by lascivious men for self-gratification. Is the Miss Universe an appropriate platform for furthering LGBT rights…or further demeaning them? Are transgendered women who join these pageants expected to become flag-bearers of LGBT rights, or are they themselves buying into the perceived glamor of the event and blurring the line between empowerment and exploitation?

Donald Trump, who owns the Miss Universe rights and who allowed the ruling in favor of transgenders eventually, made several offensive comments about Talackova joining the local pageant. He made a wisecrack about how the candidate’s first name and first 3 letters of her last name sounded like “genital” (JennaTal). Gloria Allred responded through an interview with Barbara Walters:

“Trump must stop being focused on genitals, his or anyone else’s.”


April 25, 2012

LGBT Bullying Must Stop

The 700 Club, represented by the Reverend Pat Robertson, has made several controversial statements about how gayness is not something God approves of. In fact, in one of his speeches, he stated:

“This country cannot continue to violate God’s principles and to make a mockery of His laws and think we’re gonna get away with it. And when the boil comes, it’s going to be horrible.”

This theme continues on in many of his talks, underlining his very Christian belief that gay people will be punished and that support from the USA for the LGBT community must be put to a stop. He offers “redemption” done the 700 Club way; a sort of cleansing that will wash the gay away from those living a homosexual lifestyle.

However, during one of 700 Club’s Question and Answer portion, a viewer named Douglas inquired about what Reverend Pat Robertson thinks of certain Christian schools bullying LGBT students. His answer might surprise you.

“Well I think that’s terrible. Christians shouldn’t do that… I mean.. lesbian, gay, transgender, blah blah blah, I mean.. Christians shouldn’t do that. They ought to act in love.”

That last sentence, about acting in love, is in fact one of the core principles of the LGBT movement. Being free to love, as long as you harm none, and not being punished because of that love, is what gay people are fighting for. It is a universal right and should not be violated.

The Reverend went on to say:

“You may disagree, you may think these practices are an abomination, you can think all sorts of things, but you need to love, and reach out to these kids in love.”

To which his co-host replied: “Absolutely. Bullying is wrong – period.”

It is a great thing that, at least for a moment, bullying was defined as something that nobody has to go through no matter who they are, or what they represent, by the very same people who think being gay is fundamentally unacceptable. Bullying has, for a very long time, been dismissed and regarded as a playground staple; something you can expect to happen to you at one point and just have to learn to grin and bear.

Recent happenings have underscored how and why bullying must stop, especially in the context of the LGBT community. This article called Day Of Silence Aims To End LGBT Bullying In Schools narrates how anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools must be recognized and prevented. According to research:

A 2009 survey by GLSEN found that nearly 9 out of 10 LGBT students report verbal, sexual or physical harassment at school and more than 30 percent have missed at least a day of school in the past month out of fear for their personal safety. Two of the top three reasons students said their peers were bullied because of actual or perceived sexual orientation, and the point of Day of Silence is to use the power of silence to make anti-LGBT bullying, harassment and name-calling unacceptable in America’s schools.

April 24, 2012

Famous Gay Writers

Many tend to think that members of the gay community are visible largely because of show business. Nothing can be farther from the truth. While the LGBT community is well represented in the entertainment industry, the literary world is filled to the rafters with gay authors, poets, and fiction writers who are either proud and out about their sexual preference, or at the very least have shown support for LGBT rights.

Oscar Wilde (The Importance of Being Earnest) is a flamboyant Irish writer and poet who is still referenced in modern times for his wit and humor. He was also openly gay even after getting married and becoming a father.

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde—George Eastman House (Flickr.com)



Truman Capote, who wrote In Cold Blood, was also widely known to be gay even as a young man. He was often seen to wear women’s clothing, and was perhaps best described in the conclusion of Capote, A Biography (1988):

Finally, when he goes to join the queer lady in the window, Joel accepts his destiny, which is to be homosexual, to always hear other voices and live in other rooms. Yet acceptance is not a surrender; it is a liberation. “I am me,” he whoops. “I am Joel, we are the same people.” So, in a sense, had Truman rejoiced when he made peace with his own identity.

Truman Capote

Truman Capote—D Services (Flickr.com)

Other famous gay writers and staunch LGBT supporters include Walt Whitman, Virginia Woolf, Gertrude Stein,  Sappho, and many more.

April 19, 2012

Let The Gays Be Gay

Gay pride 339 Marche des fiertés Toulouse 2011 jpg…

Gay pride 339 Marche des fiertés Toulouse 2011 jpg…—Guillaume Paumier (Flickr.com)

There is rampant intolerance of many kinds of lifestyles, and one of the most apparent would be bigoted attitude towards LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered) people. What is shocking is that it is not only a matter of derogatory remarks, discrimination, and other issues that reek of basic human rights violation…but also out-and-out cruelty to the point of wishing our LGBT brothers and sisters dead.

That’s right: some religious extremists such as those in Uganda wish to push for a law that will criminalize and even execute gay people, as this article called Uganda Pastors Accuse U S Of Spreading Gayism Imposing An Agenda reveals. Watching videoclips on this almost gave me a mild stoke! the kind you will be hurt from.

Re:  The Uganda Kill the Gays Bill. My first inkling of it was when a member posted about it on the FB anti-homophobia page The Watchbiatches, and as much as it shames me in hindsight for not giving it my full attention, I have to admit not really being all that shocked about it.

I have watched and ROFLMAO’d so much to the Eat the Poopoo video courtesy of the National Task Force Against Homosexuality in Uganda (shown in the clip below)

that I tended to treat everything in relation to it afterwards as one big fist-eating, anus-licking joke. The shock registering on Dr. Pastor Martin Ssempra’s face, as well as on his colleagues’, when they were being treated to a visual presentation of “what homosexuals do in the privacy of their bedroom”, was simply priceless.

All along, the good pastor held in his self-righteous hands the answer to his indignant outbursts that presumably reinforced the anti-gay backlash in Uganda to the point of criminalizing homosexuality: he and his followers cannot tolerate what they perceived to be disgusting acts done by members of the LGBT community.

In their own words:

In private.

In their own bedrooms.

As someone who practices certain fetishes of her own that do not harm anyone outside her bed chambers (in a manner of speaking), what I find most appalling about Uganda’s intolerance towards gay people is that it is willing to mete out brutal punishment for it. As the All Out website states in their About page (http://www.allout.org/en/about):

In 76 countries around the world being LGBT is a criminal offense. In 10, it is legal grounds for execution or life imprisonment. Even in countries where LGBT people have secured basic rights, many LGBT people are denied the opportunity to live full and equal lives and endure daily homophobia.

 Executing, punishing, ostracizing, or generally making life miserable for someone because of their preferences must never become a provision of some law, no matter how unattractive these preferences may be to some. The people behind the Uganda anti-gay law have clearly shown to the world just how hideous intolerance can get; yet to the 500,000 and others who petitioned to put a stop to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, the fight for true equality has never been more beautiful and filled with hope.


April 11, 2012

Pride for gay lifestyle

gay pride Nantes 2008

gay pride Nantes 2008—Naonerd (Flickr.com)

One positive position we gays would take is promote and authenticate who we really are. The best way is to celebrate that in form of a gathering and social protest. Visibility is a key attribute in this form of authentication – generally speaking a fun and exciting presence  so a parade it is.

Looking for fun costumes and elaborate outfits help make the whole thing more enduring and as such pride will naturally flow from all of the pain and hard work of such and endeavor. Basically the act of putting on and participating in the parade helps bolster the pride itself.

Of course seeing your friends and other strangers join in on the activity only furthers the whole thing. This promotion of self-affirmation helps tremendously with tolerance and diversity. Apparently there is a gay pride month and during this time there are marches and parties.

Gay pride 143 Marche des fiertés Toulouse 2011 jpg…

Gay pride 143 Marche des fiertés Toulouse 2011 jpg…—Guillaume Paumier (Flickr.com)


Here in the USA this would be in June.

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Is it me or do you notice dancing guys on stage always have shaved chests and love to wear a hat – perhaps some of them should be hiring some dancing bears for all this. In recent news Florida is going to have a very large gay pride show soon.

SouthFloridaGayNews.com. You Haven’t Seen Nothing Yet Miami Beach Pride to be biggest yet. SouthFloridaGayNews.com. Tuesday 10 April 2012 13 28 Written by AP Last year Miami Beach Gay Pride drew 35000 people making it the city’s largest single-day event. This year organizers stretched the event out over a weekend to accommodate the 60000 people they expect to.…

You Haven’t Seen Nothing Yet Miami Beach Pride to be biggest yet SouthFloridaGayNews.com

April 5, 2012

Gay Marriage

The Blaze

Are you against same sex marriage or do you disagree with the thought of it being legalized from other country?

Many people culture and religion are against to same sex marriage. They say that its immoral to marry someone with the same gender. Being gay itself is immoral to some religion, how much more if you engaged in marriage right?

“Same-sex marriage (also known as gay marriage) is marriage between two persons of the same biological sex or gender identity. Supporters of legal recognition for same-sex marriage typically refer to such recognition as marriage equality.”

In some countries like Canada, Norway, Brazilian State, Argentina and many more, recognized and are allowing same-sex marriage. There are also some parts in the US that performs this type of marriage as well but not all of it.

“One argument in support of same-sex marriage is that denying same-sex couples legal access to marriage and all of its attendant benefits represents discrimination based on sexual orientation”

There are still many countries all over the world that does not allow this type of marriage due to their moral and religious beliefs, especially those catholic countries.

Watch this Video on Youtube:

The old lady on the video had a very wise perspective indeed… She was right, they don’t have to be alone all their life.

It’s really hard to win a debate over this issue specially if religion is involved. If you set aside the religion and think about human rights, well same-sex marriage will be and is legalized in some countries. But if you include religion in the issue then it will never be legalized in some Catholic Countries.

It’s like this, you cannot argue Science and Fiction over the Bible and Religion. Same goes with same-sex marriage.. Simple as that.

April 4, 2012

Homosexual and Bisexual Studies

What is your stand regarding homosexuality and bisexuality?

Almighty Dad

So what is the specific explaination why other people think or believe they are homosexual or bisexual?

“Unfortunately, there is not yet a conclusive study which tell us exactly what causes homosexuality. Many studies show correlations, but there is not an accepted scientific consensus on the cause of homosexuality.”

Could it be genetic? Does this have something to do with the baby’s development inside the mother’s womb?

“In studies with twins, researchers have found that far more of them are likely to share the same sexuality than with siblings that do not share the same DNA; however, the number falls short of 100%. These results show that there is a high correlation with a person’s genetic makeup and their sexuality. Neurologically speaking, gay men tend to have brains similar in structure and function to that of straight women, and lesbians tend to have brains similar to straight men.”


Well whatever explanation the scientists have right now or will be having in the future, it doesn’t really matter for me. The most important thing here is that they are still human beings, the only difference is that, their brain thinks differently than their physical sexuality.

Watch the Video on Youtube:

Can you imagine how empty the world is without these homosexual and bisexual human beings? These people who have been pushed around and discriminated at work or almost everywhere deserves a better treatment.

April 2, 2012

History and struggle of the gays

People have strong opinions on gay lifestyle… all over the world gay rights are now being discussed.

Attitudes to homosexuality in France

France, like most other central and western European countries, will offer a largely tolerant, frequently welcoming, sometimes curious and occasionally hostile attitude to its gay and lesbian visitors and residents. The places to steer clear of include certain outskirt districts of the big cities, where there are many low income families and immigrants who may come from a background of intolerance. It is fair to say, however, that any holidaymaker is probably best advised to keep away from these areas, whatever their sexuality, with the potential likelihood of mugging, attack or abuse not being limited to homosexuals!


that quoted content speaks volumes over the plight of gay people in europe and america.